Thursday, September 2, 2010

Soap Box or Bitch Fit Edition #1

Alright, so this is Edition #1 of I what I can image will be many of what I like to call my soap box, or bitch fits. Whatever pisses me off or just annoys me will go here. So here it goes.

Today, Cameron, my 9 yr old, for those that do not know, brought home his picture day order form.  That is great, but picture day is tomorrow. Oh and they need the order form and payment turned in tomorrow.  Now before you say, Cameron just didn't give me the form, I check his backpack and folders everyday.  So, this form was not given to him until today.  

This pisses me off. His school is so extremely disorganized, I'm really not sure how they manage.  It is the 2nd day of the month and there still is no school lunch menu that was sent home and if I check the school website, they still have the lunch menu for May up.  Last month, I didn't get the lunch menu until the 2nd week of school.  Not that this is a huge issue.  I make Cameron's lunch most of the time, but there are some days that he likes to buy lunch.  It is just the fact that this is something that should be sent home at least the day before the new month starts.  

Now for his pictures.  This irritates me because they expect us as parents to have our children ready for picture day in 1 day.  There was no notice other than the form sent home today.  Luckily, for me Cam's hair is cut and we were able to find a nice shirt for him to wear.  But, what about other families?  What about the parents that work late? What about families that don't have a lot of money and need some time to get the money together for the pictures.  Are they just assed out? Here is a bigger question, what happens to the parents that won't even know that picture day is tomorrow because their kids were absent, or their kids just don't give the form to the  parents?  Not all parents are like me and have the time to go through their kids backpacks.  

The school will be getting a phone call from me tomorrow asking why paperwork is not sent home earlier.  Maybe they need someone to go down there and be in charge of that.  I would be happy to volunteer weekly to make sure kids and parents are getting the information that they need in a timely manner.  

So, that is it.  My gripe for the day.  Thanks for listening and until next time my friends. 


  1. I love that you are doing this! I totally agree with you although my kid falls into the "I forgot to give this to you catergory" ~Slel

  2. Good 'bitch', Tina. I agree with you that picture day notice should be more than the day before. As Leslie would RUDE! Maybe they do need someone like you at school..but it sounds like it would take more than one person to square that school away! Is there any PTA or similar parent group? School should not be such a frustrating experience!



  3. Kay, there is a PTA. I just joined last weekend, so there hasn't been any meetings yet. I'm not sure what the problem is. I guess I'm use to his old school, where I knew everyone and the school was completely on top of it.