Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review~~Jack In The Box Pastrami Grilled Sandwich

I went to Jack in the Box a few days ago and saw that they had a Pastrami Grilled Sandwich.  I love pastrami, but usually wouldn't get a pastrami sandwich from a fast food restaurant. Pastrami is one of those meats that if you don't have the right cut and if it isn't aged or prepared right it isn't very good.  A lot of times it tends to be very fatty and/or tough.  I have had pastrami at good restaurants and they have been a huge disappointment.  

I wasn't in the mood to get my usual 2 tacos or a burger so I reluctantly ordered the Pastrami Grilled Sandwich.  When I got it, I was pleasantly surprised.  As I unwrapped the wrapper, I was expecting it to be completely greasy, it wasn't.  I took my first bite and was welcomed with a flavorful, ungreasy, very lean taste of pastrami.  The sandwich is on grilled bread (I believe it's sourdough, but not sure), there are pickle slices, cheese, pastrami (of course) and dijon mustard.  All of the flavors meld together to make a remarkably tasting sandwich.  

The sandwich had a good amount of pastrami on it. I thought it was the perfect amount. Not too much and not too little.  The only problem that I had was with the dijon mustard and that is only because I prefer yellow mustard on my pastrami.  I like dijon mustard, that is just a preference that I have.  I'm sure next time, I could ask for yellow instead.  

I really liked this sandwich.  I think that Jack in the Box stepped up and really showed a lot of fast food restaurants that it is possible to make a good tasting sandwich.  I just hope that this was not a one time thing and that all the Jack in the Boxes have the same quality meat and make the same quality sandwich.  I would hate to write this glowing review and then hear that someone tried the sandwich, because I said it was good and it sucked.  lol

So there you go. My first review, hope you liked it.  Until next time my friends. Oh, I almost forgot. If you go to  you can get a coupon for $1 off a Pastrami Grilled Sandwich.

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