Monday, October 18, 2010

Entering Sweepstakes

I have entered sweepstakes on and off for almost 10 years.  At one point I was entering religiously, everyday for hours.  I would sit at the computer and that is pretty much all I did.  Then I just stopped.  I would enter a few, here and there, but was not as serious as I had been.  

I recently had gotten back into entering sweepstakes again.  Still, not as religious as I was, but I do spend more time doing it.  I have found that I do enjoy it.  It is really easy to do, and I usually do it when I'm watching TV.  There are two sites that I use: and I like these sites because they have the sweepstakes broken up into categories, and is my favorite.  It lets you check mark the ones that you have entered and then puts them in a favorites folder for you, so that it is easier to find them.  I use to use all the time, but now prefer  Both of these sites are awesome.  You can also Google, sweepstakes and can find a listing of other sites.  

So, have I won anything from entering these sweeps?  Yes I have.  Some really great things.  Aside from numerous small prizes, like books, toys, DVD's, CD's and gift cards. I have won clothing, jewelry, 2 theater systems, 2 trips to Vegas, money, a shotgun and various other prizes.  

If you would like to enter sweepstakes, just follow these simple rules.
  1. You should not have to pay any money to enter a sweepstakes. 
  2. Make sure that you read all of the rules and follow them.
  3.There are three main types of sweepstakes entries; online, snail mail and in person.  I usually only enter sweeps online.  I find this way is easier for me.  You can certainly enter however you chose. 
  4. Don't get greedy. Don't enter a sweepstakes for  something that you do      not want or will not use.  Let someone who wants or deserves the prize to win it.  It takes the fun out of it.
  5. Open up and use another email address just for your sweeps entries.  You WILL get a lot of spam and unwanted emails.  So save yourself the hassle and don't use your regular email.  If you have gmail, I know that you can have other email accounts forwarded to your gmail account, so that you only have to open one email box.  I do that with mine.  It saves me time.
  6. Have fun.  Don't take it too seriously. If you win, you win. And if you don't, there are hundreds of other sweeps that you can enter and win.

Those are my tips, there is also a wonderful Sweepstakes 101 tutorial on If you are interested in learning more, I suggest that you read it.  Until next time my friends.

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